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Cytometry Services

Cytometry Services

The Online Booking System

For autonomous users an Online Booking System of the FACS machines is available on the Open Iris platform.
For Operator-assisted measurements no Booking System registration is required. For this please directly contact us via E-Mail.

For the use of the online booking system:

  • First of all, you need a training for the use of the respective machines. To make an appointment for a training session please contact us via E-Mail (
  • After the training you will be connected with the E-Mail you used in your correspondence (if not stated otherwise) to the respective resource (machine) and should be able to directly use the booking system after your registration.
  • For your registration to the Open Iris platform please go to
    After this you may book resources using this platform. The following functions are most important:
    • Browse – Provider –> (search for the facility) Cyto Kiel
    • Browse – Resources: The machines which have been unlooked for your account (available after training)
    • Scheduler – Timeline: All bookings by all users on the respective machines
    • Scheduler – Bookings: Your bookings
  • The use of machines within the Cytometry Facility “Cyto Kiel” needs to follow the rules stated in the User Guidelines which are available at the home page. These rules have to be acknowledged and singed before the training: In this respect, users HAVE to have an open.iris booking when using the machine. Please also book when just doing a quick measurement. To prevent unnecessary long bookings, the following rule should be adhered to: Users which do not show up within the first 30 min of their booked time slot will get a yellow card and repeat offenders will get a time penalty (at least one week ban from the booking system). In the unlikely event of problems
    –> E-Mail to