Institute of Immunology

Immunology is an important cross-sectional discipline of modern medicine. The Institute of Immunology is involved in biomedical research and teaching in many areas. The research groups are working on cellular and molecular immunology in chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity as well as in tumor immunology. The Institute of Immunology thus forms a central interdisciplinary link between biomedical basic research and applied clinical research.

The focus is on the functional analysis of human immune cells, in particular the characterization of T lymphocytes, which direct protective but also pathological immune reactions. They thus represent a central switch for precisely recognizing and treating immune-mediated diseases. Furthermore, we analyze the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and effector functions of T cells as well as the molecular control of cell death. The institute operates the joint cytometry platform “Cyto-Kiel” of the UKSH and the medical faculty of the CAU.