Cytometry Facility​


Cytometry Facility

Cytometry Facility

As a core facility, we provide scientific users with central access to state-of-the-art equipment and know-how for multi-parametric cell analysis and cell sorting. In addition, we offer theoretical and practical technology training as well as expert advice and support for experimental design and analysis. Depending on the requirements of the application, three flow cytometers with different configurations can be used. Two cell sorters are available for isolation of specific cell populations of interest.

The service is open to all scientists of the CAU, the UKSH and related research institutions for a fee.

CYTO Kiel – Cytometry Facility | UKSH
Institut of immunology
House U30 | 2. Floor Labor 242 und 247.6
Michaelisstr. 5 | 24105 Kiel

Technical Head

Christian Peters
Phone: 0431 500-31037